D.o.p. Mezzano

Typical cheese from the northeast of Italy, a nice DOP (protected designation of origin) of which we are consortium members as seasoners. Cheese from various dairies, typical artisanal and non-industrial processes, rather compact semi-hard paste with few holes which is a characteristic of the product.
Milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme (egg protein).
Origin of the milk:
country of milking: Italy, country of transformation and ageing: Italy.

Product features


Rather compact, semi-hard paste with few holes

cylindrical with a 7 - 9 cm height, a diameter of 30 - 32 cm

6 – 7 kg

height of 7 - 9 cm, diameter of 30 - 32 cm

hard yellow paste

semi-hard consistency

yellow with holes

savoury sweet