The processing of the Biz Dairy

From maturing to seasoning up to cutting and packageing


Asmonte Vecchio

Crumbly hard cheese almost spicy aromatic Grana cheese but with a sweet note, hard almost orange-brown rind, a cheese that is used grated in the kitchen and in gastronomy for many recipes but also at banquets often presented cut in a half with its flakes inside or fulfilled with a good risotto inside, it is a savoury taste cheese that you can both eat grated or in pieces.


with Red Wine

Aged by us in selected red wine, this is a seasoned cheese with hard crumbly paste that flakes and with a purplish crust.

Biz Dairy

Since 1930 with passion and dedication

Let yourself be inspired by Biz Dairy's vast assortment of fresh, semi-cooked, seasoned and blue cheeses, you will be able to fully satisfy the tastes and trends of an increasingly informed and health-conscious final consumer, and in search of local and unique tastes.


Start year of Biz Dairy

We were there even before, in the same dairy, but in the 30s uncle Bepi arrived!


Cheeses seasoned every year and distributed throughout Italy.

Cheeses seasoned every year and distributed throughout Italy. A relentless commitment, to complete many goals, but slowly!


Yearly seasoning of Montasio DOP cheese wheels

Our commitment with the Consortium of Protection, to support the excellence of our territory!


of snacks, aperitifs, appetizers, tasty dishes

every year, a success reached thanks to our intervention! ;-)