The seasoning:
The cheese becomes ripe

Did you know that sesoning is by definition the phase that leads to maturation of a cheese?

This practice takes place thanks to specific metabolic processes that degrade the fats and proteins of the milk, leading to the fermentation of the sugars, which become the protagonists of the transformation of the raw material. Following a natural process, which man has interpreted from time to time with local traditions, we arrive at a genuine and original product, a true expression of the cultural heritage of the territory of birth.

This process is a very delicate moment that requires the use of suitable rooms and technical instruments capable of constantly controlling the temperature and the degree of humidity that occurs during the full achievement of full maturation of a cheese. The period can last up to two years and beyond, giving the final product the appearance, the right consistency, the flavour and the inebriating and authentic scent that characterizes it.

Eighty years later, the maturing of the cheeses still takes place today by placing the wheels on wooden tables, in the warm, dry rooms of our production site, with the perfect microclimate - like when the historic Biz Dairy was born in Chiarano.

This peculiarity allows us to give an even more unique and genuine taste to dairy products, as the seasoning is practiced as it once was, with the certainty of obtaining a qualitatively guaranteed result, thanks to the correct handing down of the generations of the Biz family. A maturing room certainly cannot be improvised nor built in a short time.

Our experience teaches us that the older the spaces are, the better they will fulfil their main task.

The approach is basically that of a good father with his own child, every single piece of cheese must be looked after with great care, attention and perseverance. In this case it will be necessary to turn the wheel often, cleaning it, oiling it or washing it with water and salt, in order to avoid the onset of mildew or complications which, over time, could cause a loss of consistency or some peculiar organoleptic characteristics of the finished cheese, thus depriving us of its freshness, authenticity and genuineness which we are used to taste on the table.

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