Cutting and packaging:
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Do you want to bring the maximum freshness of dairy products from Veneto and beyond to your table? Here is the solution you were looking for!

In addition to the skilful craftsmanship in the search for various types of local and non-local national cheeses, Biz Dairy has a modern and efficient system with a dedicated cutting and packaging department, a plus that allows us to give the final customer the service and convenience of keeping flavours and tastes unaltered.

We guarantee unaltered and pure flavours and aromas, as to enjoy a tasting or a combination of fresh or semi-cooked local dairies cheeses but also seasoned and blue cheeses. This is a packaging technique that involves the elimination of oxygen from the contact with food, ensuring that the final product can reach the market in all its goodness and authenticity.

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Relive the ancient flavours by tasting the agri-food specialties of Biz Dairy, close your eyes, the journey begins on the palate!