Diary Biz: history, tradition and quality!

Work and passion of a family...

Are you looking for genuine and quality dairy products to offer to your customers for any occasion? Let yourself be inspired by Biz Dairy’s vast assortment of fresh, semi-cooked, seasoned and blue cheeses, you will be able to fully satisfy the tastes and trends of an increasingly informed and health-conscious final consumer, and in search of local and unique tastes.

Biz Dairy has handed down the passion, research, craftsmanship, work and sale of fresh and aged cheeses from generation to generation. It has developed over the years focusing on the seasoning and ageing of cheeses with artisanal and traditional methods.


The origins of Biz Dairy

It the 1930s when uncle Bepi, riding his inseparable motorcycle (they were still rare at that time), began to travel the dusty roads that crossed the Mottense area, with just few wheels of cheese that he was sure he would sell in the squares of Motta di Livenza and in the neighbouring towns. And just like this it all began, among a thousand daily vicissitudes of entire generations, the activity that forever linked the Biz family to dairy products.

After the sudden death of uncle Bepi in the 1940s, his brother-in-law Mario followed his footsteps, cycling at dawn on his bicycle to collect milk between cow-sheds and local farms. After this, he devoted the rest of the day to its artisanal processing, producing butter and cheese with an authentic and genuine taste, soon appreciated throughout the surrounding area.

In the meantime, Mario handed down his passion for the art of dairying to his son Giampietro, who did not hesitate to pass it on to his wife. This deep-rooted family tradition, combined with the experience gained over many years of work, linked the notoriety of the family profession to the maturing and ageing of the cheeses, involving his children along the way.

Today Dairy Biz is a well-established company in Chiarano, a small town located in the heart of the Venetian Po Valley, and still operates in strict compliance with the ancient traditions and processing techniques, making all families appreciate the typical flavours of Treviso dairy products and not only, some of which are aged in pomace.

The dairy tradition of the past still lives on, wheel after wheel, making us savour the same flavours that our families created, thanks to the Biz family's deep awareness of traditional foods, and to the passion and uniqueness of craftsmanship in milk processing.