the perfect combination of wine and cheese

Did you know that the term seasoning is used when you do a specific customization of the cheese, which has the aim of obtaining an artisan product with a strong and unmistakable character? Biz Dairy is specialized in seasoning cheese by immersing the wheels in vats of wine filled with crushed black grape pomace.

A combination that draws its origins from what happened in the past in the area of Sinistra Piave Trevigiana. The story tells that following the Italian retreat from Caporetto, in 1917, and the occupation which lasted about a year, to hide and conceal the home cheeses from the German and Austro-Hungarian army troops (they had the war right to raid anything), these were covered with crushed black grape pomace because considered waste material and, therefore, not subjected to controls or requisitions.

Once the World War was over, the pieces were recovered, but during the long wait they had changed the colour of their crust, which became more purplish, and their consistency, giving the finished product the classic flavours and aromas of the pomace.

The unusual maturation was much appreciated as it gave a fine taste tending towards spicy and fruity, so much so that it was implemented and refined after the war. Over the years the drunk cheese also spread to the rest of Italy, confirming its true origin right in the Treviso Hills.

The technique involves a sort of refermentation: the cheese must remain immersed for a long time in the crushed black grape pomace. This is the only way to reach the complete absorption of the liquid, which alters and modifies the flavour according to the different type of grape used and the relative ageing time. Currently, the choice of this particular procedure is preferred for dairy products that have already undergone a traditional refinement lasting 60 days, but which can last up to 24 months.

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The result is a cheese with an unmistakable taste of pomace, wine and grapes that beautifully embrace the softness of cow's milk, to be tried at least once in a lifetime. Let yourself be surprised and inspired by the inebriating taste of formaggi ubriachi.