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Dairy Cheese ageing

The Latteria Biz ages cheeses that are typical of our region and surrounding regions, for wholesale and retail.

Our aged cheeses include Asiago, Bastardo del Grappa, Piave and, above all, Montasio. The company acts as Ageing Expert for the Montasio Consortium. In addition to the varieties mentioned above, our company also deals with Grana Padano, Trentino and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Additionally, the dairy sells organic cheeses, both fresh and aged.

Latteria Biz
High quality Cheese

Our dairy

Dairy Cheese ageing

Our cheeses (Montasio, Latteria S. Andrea, Piave Cheese, Pasti Vecchio cheese and Asmonte) are aged on location in warm, dry rooms at the Latteria Biz dairy in Chiarano (Treviso).

Aging occurs in the same rooms where the dairy’s business began at the beginning of the last century. Located on the ground flood, the ageing rooms have a precise height; the structure is partially shaded by trees throughout the entire day.
Over time, the family has worked to enlarge the rooms, making improvements including ventilation and modifications of the walls, plastering, ceilings and floors.
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