with beer

Cow’s milk cheese. The cheese is placed in vats and covered with beer. This treatment, defined as "seasoning", gives the cheese particular characteristics: the rind becomes of golden colour, the paste regains a particular consistency and the flavour is aromatic, sweet, tasty, pleasant, inviting and quite special.
cow's milk, salt, microbial rennet, cultures. Inedible rind.
Milk origin:
country of milking: Austria, country of transformation and ageing: Italy

Product features


compact and solid paste, with small and rare holes

cylindrical with straight sides and flat or slightly convex faces

6 – 7,5 kg

height of 6 - 8 cm, diameter of 28 - 30 cm

rough of dark wine colour

compact and hard consistency

straw yellow

aromatic, tasty, pleasant and inviting.