Crumbly hard cheese almost Grana. Spicy and aromatic but with a sweet touch, hard almost orange-brown rind, a cheese that is used grated in the kitchen, in gastronomies for many recipes and at banquets often presented cut in a half with its flakes inside or fulfilled with a good risotto inside, almost like a cheese that you that you can both eat grated or in pieces and with a savoury taste.
Milk, salt, rennet, crops, linseed oil, calcium chloride.
Milk origin:
country of milking: Austria, country of transformation and maturation: Italy.

Product features


crumbly hard paste almost grainy

cylindrical with 7 cm height, 30 cm diameter

6,30 kg

height of 7 cm, diameter of 30 cm

natural dry compact brown

crumbly crystalline consistency

from orange to pink with light regular holes

slightly hot spicy