with balsamic vinegar

Firm cheese with very crumbly hard texture that breaks into flakes, old cheese aged 10 /12 months, characterized by traces of balsamic vinegar. Peculiar, sweet but spicy, aromatic, good on cheeseboards perfect beautiful and tempting.
Cow's milk, IGP balsamic vinegar of Modena (3%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments, natural preservative E1105.
Milk origin:
country of milking: Austria, country of transformation and ageing: Italy.

Product features


compact and solid paste, with small and rare holes

cylindrical with a 7 - 9 cm height, a diameter of 30 - 32 cm

6 – 7,5 kg

height of 6 - 8 cm, diameter of 28 - 30 cm

rough crust of dark brown colour

compact and hard consistency

straw yellow

pleasantly aromatic and superbly inviting