The origins of our dairy
The origins of our dairy

One family’s work and passion...

Dairy Couple Young-Old
...product of a laborious land that’s deeply linked to traditions. The success and value of our country’s food and agricultural system are profoundly connected to the territory’s culture, traditions and production.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that the Biz family’s memories are deeply rooted in the efforts and activities that transformed their passion into a job. This foundation continues to guarantee the services and products that company offers today.
It all started in the 1930s when the inhabitants of the countryside surrounding Treviso paid more attention to daily tasks than to the political events that caused increasing restlessness throughout Europe.

It was in that decade that Giuseppe Marcolin and Giovannina Biz founded the company that linked the Biz family to the dairy industry. Giuseppe hopped on his motorbike and began traveling up and down the dusty roads that crossed the Mottense, intent on selling cheeses in the squares of Motta and Livenza and other neighboring hamlets.
In the 1940s, after Giuseppe’s sudden death, his brother-in-law, Mario Biz, already a dairyman, started managing the dairy of Chiarano. He would leave early in the morning by bicycle and gather fresh milk at the stables that dotted the countryside. Mario would then spend his afternoons transforming that milk into butter and cheeses that were highly appreciated throughout the surrounding area for their top-notch flavor and superb quality.
In the 1970s, Mario taught his son, Giampietro, the art of cheese-making and it didn’t take long for Giampietro to convince his wife, Loredana, to become part of the family company. Its deeply rooted family tradition, which developed over the course of many years, has allowed the Biz family to link commercial activities to its cheese aging and refining processes.
Since 2000, Giampietro and Loredana have worked alongside their three children: Nicoletta, Antonella and Giuliano.

Today’s business

Inside Dairy Biz
And that’s the story of how we’ve come to where we are today.
Currently, the company primarily sells cheeses typical of our region and surrounding regions, both wholesale and retail.

Our products include Asiago, Bastardo del Grappa, Piave and, above all, Montasio. The company acts as Ageing Expert for the Montasio consortium. In addition to the varieties mentioned above, the company produces Grana Padano, Trentino and Parmigiano Reggiano.
Casatella Trevigiana is one of its softer cheeses.
These products are all produced according to the specific qualities of their environmental origins and are guaranteed by important manufacturing consortiums. Many boast labels such as ‘DOP’ (Denomination of protected origin) or ‘DOC’ (Denomination of controlled origin) and are recognized on a European level.

The ‘Latteria Biz Giampietro’ dairy offers only high quality, recognized cheeses with ascertained origins, responding to market demands that spotlight a consumer who’s interested in flavor and who proves unwilling to compromise when it comes to genuineness, organoleptic characteristics and food safety.

True to its family tradition, the Biz Giampietro company is dedicated to ageing various types of cheeses and it applies a high level of professional skills and know-how during its refinement processes which allow these products to acquire their full flavor and characteristics linking them to their original environments. These factors constitute the basis of each product’s typical nature and they uphold the motto that affirms ‘the history of a territory is written in its food.’
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